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Worthington Music Program

The Worthington Elementary School music program is supported by the Education Through-Music Los Angeles (ETM-LA) program. The mission of Education Through Music-Los Angeles is to promote, provide, and support quality music instruction in under-resourced, low-income area schools to enhance students' performance and overall development. ETM-LA is uniquely comprehensive in its scope, offering wraparound services as a force for community development and public school reform by providing providing underserved children equitable access to a high-quality music education, giving them tools to achieve, graduate high school, and be prepared for their future.
Objectives and Goals
The following are key objectives of ETM-LA’s Core Curriculum Music Education
    • Provide weekly, yearlong music instruction with a focus on integration across the
    • Execute ongoing customized professional development for music teachers and
      academic teachers to support quality music instruction.
    • Perform ongoing assessment and evaluation.
    • Increase parent and community involvement to build support, awareness, and advocacy for in-school music education.
Using these objectives, ETM-LA works to attain the following goals :
    • Increase student performance in and attitudes toward both the arts and school.
    • Improve teaching artists’ and music teachers’ effectiveness at educating children.
    • Build school efforts toward sustaining programs independently and
    • Support music and school teachers’ abilities to integrate using cognitive thinking
    • Broaden and deepen school and community understanding of and support for
      arts education.
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